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Hello Baby!

By Shelly Unwin

Illustrated by Jedda Robaard

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

This attractive book is firmly aimed at parents of a new born. It’s the kind of book you give at a birth or naming party, but it is lovely to share with a baby or young child later.

It starts off  ‘Here you are. Look at you! Tiny, precious all brand new. We’ll count your fingers and your toes and marvel at your button nose,…’

Delicate soft colours illustrate many different animal families from all over the world, not just Australia, all playing with their babies.

Koalas, rabbits, owls, sloths, elephants, penguins, even giraffes say hello to their own little baby. The rhyming text mean it is great to read aloud. A perfect gift or book to share. It might even appeal to a child who  has a new sibling as it shows how natural and normal every creature is in welcoming a newborn into our world.

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