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Little Ash (series)

#1 Perfect Match!

#2 Friendship Fix-it!

#3 Tennis Rush!

#4 Goal Getter!

Written by Ash Barty & Jasmine McCaughey
Illustrated by Jade Goodwin
Reviewed by Barbara Braxton

 There would be few in Australia who do not recognise the name Ash Barty, who have not admired her grace, sportsmanship and honesty, and who were not disappointed when she retired from professional tennis without defending her 2021 Wimbledon title.
She has become the role model for so many of our younger readers and so this new series about school, sport, friendship and family will be welcomed.  While not necessarily autobiographical, it shows Ash to be just like other kids, reinforcing the idea that even ordinary people can become extraordinary, and dreaming with eyes open is something that everyone can do.
Written and formatted to support the newly independent reader, each story addresses a common issue that kids face from having to choose between things they love to putting others before that love.  With four stories out now to whet the appetite,  and two more to come in November the series will be a perfect addition to your Stepping Stone collection bridging the gap between formal reading instruction materials and the world of independent reading.
HarperCollins, 2022

Reprinted with permission The Bottom Shelf

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