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Review Policy

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Submission Guidelines

  • We review books published in the last six months prior to submission for review.
  • Books submitted for review will not be returned and may be kept by reviewers or used as prizes through Write Links and Book Links events.
  • Though we might mention or discuss books we have read on other social media platforms, we do not promote books beyond writing the reviews.
  • Sending us  a book for review does not guarantee a review will be published.
  • Books can take a few weeks or up to several months before reviews appear.
  • We are unable to advise when a review appears on the website. Please check the website regularly or use the search function.
  • Reviews are added frequently but are not scheduled at specific times or days.
  • Our reviewers do not review books written by their friends or relatives. Each title is professionally reviewed by someone who has no personal relationship with the author or illustrator.

Information for trade publishers

  • We accept books by trade publishers from Australia and overseas.
  • Please send the book and include the publication date, number of pages, ISBN number, retail price, themes covered in the book and other relevant information.
  • For publishers with whom we do not have a current relationship, please contact Mia Macrossan email

Information specific to independent, partner published and self-published books

  • Story Links acknowledges the contribution independent, self-published and partner published books make to the world of children’s literature.
  • We  recognise that there are a large number of self-published books being published at an expanding rate as the access to technology has improved.
  • We regret that, at present, we are not in a position to review these books. However, check this page for updates as we aim to review this policy in the future.

International Submissions

  • Books from outside Australia will need to arrive through customs, at the cost of the sender with a note explaining that the book is a review copy.

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