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Our reviews are aimed at parents and teachers looking for quality reading for children.

If you are looking for a book in a specific category please click on the category in the sidebar on the right of the review. You can also use the search bar.


Picture Books  Books where text and illustrations work together to narrate the story and where the story can’t be understood without one or the other. These books are for all ages.

Board Books Small durable books for babies and very small children with the pages pasted to heavy cardboard.

Emerging Readers For children who still need support in reading.

Middle Grade Readers For children who are reading books their first books independently.

Graphic Novels Stories presented in comic strip format

Young Adult The books are recommended for mature readers and will include challenging themes and topics and may include swearing and references to drugs and sex. The protagonists in these books are usually young adults.

Information Books Information books  written with the specific purpose for readers to learn more about  particular topics. They can  vary widely in style and age group.

Poetry Poetry books suitable for children

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