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Reading Resources for parents and teachers

 Lists of recommended reading are arranged alphabetically under headings for you to browse or look for books on particular topics.


STAND OUT Middle Grade Novels 2023

Readers aged around eight to twelve have been fortunate this year with a bumper crop of great new novels this year. Established authors have continued to delight us with stories full of memorable characters, exciting plots and meaningful and relevant themes. Debut writers this year have given us fresh ideas and new ways to express them. All told here is a list covering almost every imaginable situation, humourous, serious and in between.

Each title deserves to be on some lucky child’s bookshelf.

LIST: STAND OUT Middle Grade Novels 2023

STAND OUT Picture Books 2023

Picture book creators continue to amaze and delight with imaginative response to our world. The boundaries of what is considered suitable for a picture book continue to expand. Writers, illustrators, authorstrators – all are gleefully ranging far and wide on whatever topic catches their imagination, be it ever so complex or challenging.

Here is a list of picture books that StoryLinks reviewers found memorable this year.

LIST: STAND OUT Picture Books 2023


Reading Lists A – Z 

 A is for Activism
Aboriginal Peoples’ Stories Fiction and Non Fiction
Afghanistan Reading Resources
Ancient Egypt *
Ancient Greece*
Ancient Origins*
Animal Rights
Ancient Rome*
Anne Frank Remembered
Anzacs in Picture Books
Australian Animal Books for Younger Readers
Australian Animal Books for Ages 9 to 12
Autobiographies for Younger Readers
Best Children’s Books 2021
Best Children’s Books  2020
Being Different
Body Image
Book Links 2021 Children’s Historical Fiction Award LONGLIST
Bushfires, Droughts and Floods
Christmas Books
Death, Grief and Loss in Picture Books
Death, Grief and Loss in fiction for Primary School
Death, Grief and Loss in fiction for Years 7-9
Death, Grief and Loss in fiction for Years 10-12
Dragons in Picture Books 
Dragons in Fiction for primary school students
Dragons in Fiction Years 7-9
Dragons in Fiction Years 10-12
Dystopian fiction
Environmental fiction
Fairy tales retold for older readers
Fairy tales retold for younger readers
Family-Diversity-in-Australian-Children’s-Picture-Books (NCACL)
Graphic Novels : Famous novels and plays as graphic novels 
Graphic Novels for Middle Grade Readers  
Graphic Novels for Young Adults 
Graphic novels featuring Mighty Girls
Halloween Reading for Primary School 
Holiday Reading 22
Holocaust Remembrance Day: 60 Mighty Girl Books About the Holocaust
Indigenous picture books
Learning Through Play in  Picture books
Best Multicultural Children’s Books of 2023
Reading about penguins
Plagues & Pandemics Fiction 
Poetry for children
 Reading Pictures – Drawing Words

NEW! STAND OUT picture books 2023

NEW! STAND OUT Middle Grade Novels 2023

St Valentine’s Day Reading 
Australian Verse Novels for Young Adults
Australian Verse Novels for Younger Readers
Verse Novels
The Vikings*
World War 1 resources
WORLD WAR Europe fiction for Year 7 – 9
World War II Europe for students in Years 10-12

For more lists of wider reading on a variety of Curriculum related topics please email Dajo at or fill in the contact form below.

Dajo has more than 200 lists  – see titles in the  Literature Guide Listing . New and updated lists will also appear here regularly.



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