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Parcel for Turtle

Written & illustrated by Shelley Knoll-Miller
Reviewed by Sandy Driessens

‘Parcel for Turtle!’ shouts a dolphin-riding Post-Seagull. He skillfully delivers the beautifully wrapped parcel by fishing line and you soon discover why.
Turtle and his friends are stranded! Pesky pelicans are blocking their path to the ocean. Will the present help them to escape from their hideout in the rocks? Will they finally be able to swim again in the sea?
Turtle’s friends try to guess what the gift may be, by the shape and weight of the parcel. But it’s not big enough or heavy enough to transport them safely. ‘Let’s open it together on the count of three!’ says Turtle. When it is revealed his friends are deflated, but not Turtle … he has a great idea. Koala has sent Turtle the perfect parcel
This fourth picture book in the “Parcel for …” series is delightfully written and illustrated. Award-winning, Knoll-Miller worked as a cartoonist for over 20 years and humour is a stand-out feature in this story. The dialogue perfectly matches the character of the friends and their anticipation of something wonderful.The colourful, animated illustrations complement the conversation so well, that you can’t help but smile.
Another beautifully formatted hardback book, the endpapers show Turtle’s treatment by a mother pelican  and are a story in themselves.This book has it all. A story of friendship and support in dealing with a common opponent, it will not only teach children about shapes and sizes, but also about solving problems in unexpected ways.
I enjoyed it immensely and believe that little ones and those sharing it with them will also.
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