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Talking Translation – interviews with translators of Australian Children’s Books

by Lara Cain Gray

Talking Translation is a new series where Lara Cain Gray interviews translators of Australian children’s books.
She delves behind the scenes and between the lines to learn more about the complex process of translating. These interviews offer a fascinating insight into how language works and the challenges of translating idioms and concepts while staying true to the intention of the original.
To date she has interviewed two –
Talking Translation: Elena Montemaggi, the Italian translator of books by Aaron Blabey, Philip and Laura Bunting, Nick Bland and many more into Italian
Talking Translation: Benjamin Kuntzer, the French translator of Room On Our Rock, by Kate & Jol Temple and Terri Rose Baynton.
Quality translation is a skilled blend of art and science. I hope this interview series helps elevate our respect for the creative efforts of translators, as well as the sophisticated (misunderstood!) work of children’s writers and illustrators.  
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