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Chico the Schnauzer

By Taryn Brumfitt and Levi George

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

From Australian of the Year and founder of the Body Image Movement, Taryn Brumfitt, comes this delightful story of Chico the Schnauzer, a dog who learns to embrace all the wonderful things his unique body can do, illustrated in a lively and energetic style by Levi George. Brumfitt also wrote Embrace Your Body with Sinead Hanley, a picture book about celebrating one’s body, regardless of size, colour, ethnicity, gender or ability.
One day the gate is left open and Chico goes outside. He has the most amazing day, chasing with Susie the Sausage Dog, running with Gary the Greyhound, rounding up sheep with Banjo the Border Collie and more.
Each dog Chico meets has a special skill and by the end of the day he has learned about all the things his body is good at and also that while every body is different  everybody is good at different things.
Action and sound words in large coloured  font sprinkle the pages encouraging child readers to follow the action, building vocabulary along the way.
Children will enjoy Chico’s madcap adventures and learn some useful facts about bodies at the same time.
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