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A Very Dinosaur Birthday

By Adam Wallace & Christopher Nielsen

Reviewed by Margarite Igras

Adam Wallace writes entertaining books for all ages and reading abilities, with captivating titles such as Why Won’t you Sleep, How to catch The Tooth fairy and There’s a Bull Ant in the Bedroom.  The award-winning illustrator, Christopher Nielsen, has filled the pages of this book, with riotous illustrations of the damage and mayhem caused when dinosaurs attend a birthday party.
Let’s imagine what it would be like if dinosaurs came to your birthday party. If they bring presents, they will probably be old. And Stinky. And Broken. There is no fun playing hide and seek and pass the parcel with them because of their size and clumsiness, and if it’s a pool party, there’s no water once a dinosaur Jumps in!  But on the other hand, a dino tummy makes a great trampoline so there could be a redeeming factor.
There are 36  pages full of funny, riotous and at times silly illustrations, with bright colours and abundant details of dinosaur disasters.  The lively rhyming text is dotted with large and colourful fonts that demand attention by the reader.  And there is sure to be giggles for the dinosaur body function that rhymes with party.
The end pages have been well used, identifying a range of dinosaurs with a space to write the name of the birthday child and the gift giver. The back pages provide additional information about having your own themed dinosaur party.
An amusing book for both girls and boys aged 4 to 10 who plan to have a themed birthday party. It is also a book that adults will enjoy reading using different volume, intonation, and supportive laughter.
Harper Collins 2023
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