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Numbskull and Nincompoop: Science Fair Shenanigans

By Adam Wallace. Illustrated by Dave Atze

Reviewed by Helen Gearing

New York Times bestselling author Adam Wallace (whose mission is to entertain kids, inspire them with a love of reading, and eat a lot of hot chips) has teamed up with accomplished illustrator Dave Atze to create Science Fair Shenanigans, the first title in ‘Numbskull and Nincompoop’, a new, highly-illustrated junior fiction series.
Monty and Mandy are best friends and share an extraordinary talent for misunderstanding a fraught (or even an entirely routine) situation and making it a million times worse. But the universe is brilliant at helping them land on their feet – while the rest of their surroundings burn.
When the duo became enamoured with the idea of winning the Signs Fair (mistaking their teacher’s explanation of the upcoming Science Fair) they inadvertently anger reigning champion Samson, the smartest (and meanest) kid in school.
Atze’s cartoonish illustrations cleverly take the outrageous scenarios to new heights, with wonderfully expressive characters and action sequences. Combined with plenty of white space, this is a very accessible story for a wide audience of both established and emerging readers.
Science Fair Shenanigans is a fun read for children seven and older who want a rollercoaster ride of laughs and silly antics. The main characters are both endearing in their innocent, single-minded devotion to their friendship and the entire story reads like a happily-ever-after dedicated to all kids who try hard but always seem to be missing the mark.
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