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New Home (Millie: The Cutest Puppy in the World #1)

By Cate Whittle &  Nicky Johnston

Reviewed by Sandy Driessens

Millie is a tiny fluffy puppy with an ink-black nose and great big honey-brown eyes.
Left on the doorstep of St Bernard’s Home for Little Lost Dogs, Millie was very happy living there. She is curious, loves going to puppy school, doing the chores and dancing. But most of all, she loves being with her friends in the home. But slowly, her friends are adopted and though she knows she will soon be chosen, she feels butterflies in her tummy, wondering what her new family will be like.
Along came Nanny Birdwhistle.  She had kind, gentle eyes and when she asked Millie to live with her in her country cottage, Mille was excited. Millie’s new home was wonderful. She had her own room and Nanny Birdwhistle played with her, took her on walks and taught her new things, but something was missing … friends. So, off to the village they went to start a new adventure.
Cate Whittle, teacher and speaker, writes fantasy and adventure fiction for children and young adults. In this little chapter book, she has used easy to read text that is a delightful narrative, with appealing descriptions and corresponding dialogue. The chapters are well placed, with the paragraphing making an effective introduction to novel reading for young readers.
Nicky Johnston is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. I loved her illustration of “Amira’s Suitcase” and her work here again complements this text with her whimsical, playful style. Millie and the other characters are sweet and emotive. The images are comfortably spread around the text. The country style patterns on the cover and at the start of each chapter are in gentle watercolour, ink and pencil with a pink theme.
This is the first book in the “Millie” series, and a good introduction to illustrated chapter books. The story is gentle with a simple font and the paperback format of the book is the right size and feel for little hands. Having the story end before Millie meets her new friends will make your little reader wish to have the next one Dance Concert, which has just been released.
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