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What Stars Are For

Written and illustrated by Margeaux Davis

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

Margeaux Davis is a soft toy and sewing pattern designer, who has a background in environmental education. This beautifully illustrated story is her debut picture book.
Henry is a garden snail who normally hides during the day and waits for the stars to come out to explore the night. He finds out that fallen leaves are for burrowing under, spider webs are for catching drops of rain, twigs are for birds to make their nests and the moon is for lighting the way in the dark. But what are the stars for?
He asks a bee, a kookaburra, and even a hungry bandicoot, they don’t care, don’t know, or are too busy. Then he meets a wombat who is wondering about the moon and a friendship develops between these two unlikely beings united by a joint interest in the moon, the clouds, the rain, the wind and more.
This is a simple quiet reflective story that moves at a snail’s pace, (sorry, I had to put that in). It is perfect to read at night as a bedtime story, since the pace is slow and measured. The illustrations are charming, softly coloured, with plenty of natural detail.
It may prompt some questions about the cosmos from your young one so be prepared.

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