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Shower Land 2: Feel the Freeze

By Nat Amoore

Illustrated by James Hart

Reviewed by Melissa Salisbury

The unstoppable Nat Amoore returns with the second book in her junior fiction Shower Land series, titled Feel the Freeze.
After taking a shower sends Felix on a medieval adventure in the first book, the second book sees him avoiding the shower for two whole weeks. That is, until his annoying younger brother Olly points out much he smells to their father.
Escorted into the bathroom, Felix steps into the shower only to once again be transported on another adventure. This time it’s to an ice-cold, snow-covered world where children have special powers until they are 13, and the locals make fierce-looking ice scarecrows to scare off a yeti. Felix learns the yeti has been stealing the local children, including one of the sons of the local family who saved him from freezing to death in just his speedos on his arrival from the shower.
Through his own bumbling, Felix manages to volunteer to rescue the stolen children, with only a wolf-drawn sleigh and backpack to help him. What could go wrong!
Feel the Freeze is perfectly targeted at the junior fiction reader, with just the right amount of tension and pacing, coupled with plenty of trademark Nat Amoore humour.
Not only is this a fun adventure story, Amoore also manages to cover themes relating to family, belonging and inclusion, but with a light touch. The characters are relatable, even the yeti called Myrtle, and Amoore provides enough detail to place the reader in the setting, but not too much that young readers will get bored.
James Hart’s cartoon-like illustrations perfectly complement the tone of the book, helping to make it even more accessible and enjoyable for the reader.
With the third book in the series already lined up for publication in September 2024, Amoore and Hart seem to be on to a winner with the teleporting shower that might encourage or discourage children from spending time in the bathroom –  depending on their adventurous streak!
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