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Fluff: Mess Up!

By Matt Stanton

Reviewed by Barbara Braxton

When Gilbert’s father left – this time it’s because he was eaten by a sea monster –  Gilbert’s mum gave him a big fluffy bunny toy.  But this is no ordinary squishy soft toy – Fluff can talk and he has attitude.  
When their caravan is a pigsty after a food fight, Gilbert’s mum insists they clean up their own mess, but that’s not an idea that appeals to them. And so Fluff suggests they call in the professional cleaners…
Written for young readers who are transitioning to longer stories, with its minimal text on each page, madcap characters and an outrageous plot laced with young-lad humour, this will appeal to those who don’t want their reading to be a complex, time-consuming task but still want to enjoy a good story. Stanton knows how and what to write to reach those who are still looking for a reason to read and this series, likes his others which include The Odds,  Funny Kid  and Bored  nails that brief.  And when they look for what’s next, then there’s always Paul Jennings and Andy Griffiths!
ABC Books, 2024
Reprinted with permission The Bottom Shelf
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