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Dragon World

By Tamara Macfarlane

Illustrated by Alessandra Fusi

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

‘Dragons have captivated the imaginations of people everywhere. They take many forms and represent many things’ and this beautifully presented book gives  a glimpse into that rich imaginative world that dragons inhabit.

It is divided into four sections, Asian Dragons, European Dragons, Dragons of the World and Dragon Discoveries, with an introduction discussing the perennial appeal of these mythical creatures. Each section contains information about particular dragons, includes a map, and a real bonus, some famous tales from each region.

The Dragon Dance is based on a Chinese dragon origin myth, and The Dragon King and the Jellyfish is inspired by a story from Japan. The  European section  includes The Dragon Battle, inspired by a Welsh legend, and The Dragon Curse, inspired by a Norse myth.

Dragons of the World describes some very strange dragons indeed, including a marsupial dragon from Australia.  It includes the story The Earth Serpent based on a creation myth from West Africa.

The last section deals with dragon discoveries – dragon eggs, dragon jewels, dragon science, living dragons and includes instructions for how to draw your dragon and suggestions for creating your own.

It is profusely illustrated in  rich jewel colours that really show dragons in all their range and variety. So definitely a book to make you an instant expert on dragons and a must read for any enthusiast.

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