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Shortlist for 2021 Story competition announced.


Four stories were chosen that, in the opinion of the judges, had interesting characters and relevant themes, were well structured, and had child appeal.

Pigpen Apples by Annaleise Byrd

Abbie plays a trick on her sister Ellie that goes spectacularly awry.  Abbie has to fix things on her own as her mother is too engrossed in her reading to help, or is she? A humourous quirky story with an unexpected twist.

Netty’s Butterflies by Jessica Palmer

Netty’s Butterflies focuses on a young girl’s struggle in dealing with anxious thoughts and feelings. When Netty is asked to a friend’s birthday party, she desperately wants to go, but her anxiety tells her to run away. Using helpful strategies and patterns to manage her anxiety Netty finds the strength to overcome her inner thoughts and fears.

The Metal Monster by Dannielle Viera

Tobey is entranced when Dad wheels out the old fridge onto the pavement ready to be eaten by the metal monster. He’s dying to see it in action and determines to stay up all night. What happens next could possibly, maybe be real. A charming fantasy adventure for young readers.

The Cake by Joanna Wisbey

Lots of laughter as we follow the preparations and events in the lead up to and the day of a blended family’s wedding. But what happens when a small guest causes a big incident with the special cake? An enjoyable story told with humour and understanding.

The winner will be announced on May 19 at the Book Links Narelle Oliver Lecture in Children’s Literature. Details about this event here.

A big thank you to all those writers who entered the competition. 

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