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Terry Denton’s Really Truly Amazing Guide to Everything

By Terry Denton,

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

Terry is famous as one of the duo who produces the wildly popular Treehouse series of books with Andy Griffiths.

Here he is on his own, writing about, well, everything. He covers history and the science of the universe, life on Earth, the ins and outs of biology, geography, geology and the weather, how life evolved and how it works, and how people use chemistry and the forces of nature to create amazing things and there’s even a chapter on time so he does mention everything!

The book is written in a friendly chatty tone, with lots of the famous funny Denton cartoons, all in black and white. It is surprisingly quite detailed with loads of information that will have young readers  exploring for hours.

It’s a durable hardback the size of a normal novel, so very travel friendly, something to pack on holidays and an excellent gift for someone who isn’t really into novels.

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