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Finding You

By Robert Vescio
Illustrated by Hannah Sommerville
Reviewed by Mia Macrossan
Robert has written more than 20 books for young children. He calls himself ‘a storyteller because I love to spin a good yarn!‘ His writing is characterised by a sensitive understanding of human nature that pervades all his work.
On the cover of Finding You is the perennially appealing image of a boy and his dog. The dog, a delightful mutt, is proudly following a boy who is carefully walking on top of a wall. So who finds who?
The opening double page is muted in colour showing a busy town full of steps, pathways, and people. The only bright spot is a boy’s shirt. The boy is looking at a dog some distance away whose head is turned around looking back at him. There is an instant connection celebrated in joyful pages of boy and dog having adventures, both real and imaginary, throughout the town.
When they reach a fork in the road the question of ‘Should you take the road with me? Or the one without?’ makes the reader think about who is the one lost and alone, the boy or the dog?
The reader has to look carefully at Hannah’s beautiful atmospheric illustrations to understand the full story of this carefully crafted tale where text and image interact and complement each other in many subtle ways.
A richly layered story resonating with themes of homelessness, companionship, love, adventure, family and more.
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