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The Christmas Bum Book

Written by Kate Mayes
Illustrated by Andrew Joyner
Reviewed by Mia Macrossan
Kate  possibly has a fixation on bums as she has also written The Bum Book and The Easter Bum Book and here she is now with The Christmas Bum Book again merrily illustrated by Andrew Joyner.
Both of them obviously have a lot of fun with this concept of using the word ‘bum’ as often as possible in every possible context.
Here is Tinsel bum, Reindeer bum, Starry bum, Pudding bum and Got stuck in the chimney bum. Any word associated with Christmas has bum tacked onto it and is gleefully and inventively illustrated by Andrew. It concludes with Everybody has a bum. Fa, la, la, la, la, bum. Silent night, all is bright. Have a Merry Christmas bum.
This joyful and very silly book not only normalises this part of the body but celebrates it in a breath-taking depiction of every shape, size, variety and type of bum. Many children go through a phase where saying the word ‘bum’ gives them a frisson of  excitement and hilarity and reading this book aloud should have them in stitches.
What’s next for this intrepid team I wonder? Holiday Bums, Birthday Bums, Sport Bums, Family Bums, School Bums – the possibilities are endless.
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