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Amazing Mum

By Alison Brown
Reviewed by Mia Macrossan
Alison Brown is an English writer and illustrator who has also written the companion title Amazing Dad.
Amazing Mum show mums in action – snuggling in bed reading a book to her children, magically finding precious lost things, sitting in the audience supporting and applauding the musical efforts of offspring, repairing vital bits of essential machinery, playing with her children, and best of all loving and hugging them no matter what.
Alison uses animal families to illustrate mum’s many and varied activities. There are kittens, rabbits, some mice, even small rhinos. I saw a hedgehog and a raccoon in the band, a zebra mum having a bubble bath, a fussy dog mum enveloping her son in a giant scarf and so on. The whole is a parade  of familiar activities by animal people from all over the world. The colours are bright and cheerful, each page is full of a playful positive energy that makes this a delightful book to share with a toddler.
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