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Sink or Swim: Wolf Girl 9

By Anh Do
Illustrated by Lachlan Creagh
Reviewed by Sarah Custance
Anh Do is undoubtedly one of Australia’s bestselling children’s authors, celebrated for his many series including WeirDo, Hotdog, Ninja Kid, E-Boy, and Sky Dragon. The Wolf Girl books are easily his most popular series with Sink or Swim, the ninth and latest book in the series.
Teenager Gwen has managed to escape from the Northern Kingdom with all her canine companions (and eagle). While battling storms, raging rivers, and enemy pursuit, Gwen and the pack come across the small fishing village of Hookville that desperately needs their help. A grateful village helps them in return, but aiding the notorious Wolf Girl comes at a great cost. Gwen teams up with Jarrod, a local athlete, to save the people of Hookville. When she is faced with a great betrayal, will Gwen manage to keep being the hero at great personal cost or will she surprise everyone and do what is best for herself instead?
After nine books, the series has some serious lagging in pace and plot. Once again, the expressive black and white illustrations by Lachlan Creagh massively help to carry the book. Sink or Swim is an easy quick read that contains little of real substance but is a careful set up for the next book. The characters of Gwen and each of the dogs are escalating somewhat in unbelievability with each successive title but readers who have got this far with the series are unlikely to be critical of any flaws and probably enjoy the comfort of returning to a familiar world peopled with characters they know and love.
While Sink or Swim will never go down in history as a literary masterpiece, if you have a child that is enjoying the Wolf Girl series, it is worthwhile to add this book to the collection.  These easy reads appeal because they are just that –  easy and familiar. They promote a child’s confidence and develop the habit of reading. Children can take pride in completing such a long series, and often it becomes a steppingstone to more challenging and rewarding titles.
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