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The Christmas Wish (The Wish Sisters series)

By Allison Rushby

Illustrated by Karen Blair

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

This is the fifth in this series aimed at newly independent readers  written by Brisbane author Allison Rushby. In each story Flick, the older sister, about 8, is constantly trying to fix up the mayhem caused by Birdie who can make wishes come true thanks to a mischievous imp found in a bottle by her grandmother.
Its Christmastime and the family decide to make and decorate gingerbread houses, helped by Flick’s friend, Oli. They invite the neighbours to come in for an afternoon of tea and gingerbread. The imp is disguised as a cute green elf much to its disgust  – its favourite colour is purple. Then someone suggests doing a round of Christmas wishes which is when the trouble starts, but Flick is a very resourceful and resilient girl who manages to avert disaster just in time and still have a truly special Christmas.
All the stories are rich in family and community values with a special emphasis on sibling relationships. Flick and Birdie are delightfully real in all their exchanges and interactions, something that young readers will recognize and relish.
Why not explore the whole series which include The Big Wish, The Running Wish, The Pet Wish and The Party Wish,
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