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Little Ash Puppy Playtime! Book #8 Little Ash

by Ash Barty &  Jasmin McGaughey

Illustrated by Jade Goodwin

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

What child can resist a story about a playful puppy? It’s a fail safe topic guaranteed to get a child to open the book and then the reading follows.
Ash is celebrating her seventh birthday and she is getting a puppy. Christened Speedy, the puppy soon takes over Ash’s heart and mind. She spends as much time as possible with him. While serving him a tennis ball for him to catch, a particularly powerful serve (this is the young Ash Barty after all) sends the ball crashing through a window. Time for some responsible behaviour.
This cheerful and attractive series continues to inspire young readers and this particular adventure will be one of the most popular. The simple yet effective language combined with the appealing black and white illustrations help develop reading confidence and give them a joyful reading experience.
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