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Little Ash Sports Carnival! Book #7 Little Ash

By Ash Barty Jasmin McGaughey

Illustrated by Jade Goodwin

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

Little Ash is in Year Two at her school which is gearing up for a  sports carnival. Ash is in Red Koala House whose members will compete with children in Yellow Echidna and Blue Galahs. The winners will get to eat pizza so everyone is keen to take part.
Of course, Ash is keen on tennis and knows very little about all the sporting activities required for the Athletics carnival. But after  some encouragement and some determination she gives them all a go with mixed results. It  provides a valuable lesson about joining in, giving things a go and taking part even if you know you are not the best. Its all about having fun with your friends.
This series celebrates childhood in a joyful and inclusive way. Each book provides insight into a situation that can arise at home or school and gives sensible solutions to these everyday problems.
Another winner for this talented team.
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