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Angus & Mouse Read A Book

By Jane Godwin & Terri Rose Baynton

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

Jane Godwin is a writer and publisher who has many titles to her credit. Terri Rose is an artist and author living and working near Taupō in Aotearoa New Zealand.  She is most at home with the simple combination of pencil and paper.
Angus brings back a book from the library and is devastated when his friend Mouse eats bits of it. When Mouse mends it Angus is still not happy. Angus is worried about having to take it back to the library but the librarian understands. She also has a mouse as a pet. Relieved he borrows a new book and is happy to share it with his own Mouse again.
We have all been in Angus’s situation and Godwin cleverly shows his many different emotions all reflected in the perceptive illustrations.
Terri’s work here is colourful and expressive. There is more text than usual for a picture book and she deftly places Angus, Mouse and company in creative ways for maximum impact. My favourite character is Ms Goode the librarian, a tall pink flamingo with big round Iris Apfel glasses.
A delightful story about friendship, understanding, forgiveness and the charms of reading that will appeal to many children. I hope this creative team get together and produce more Angus & Mouse adventures.
Scholastic Australia 2023
Jane Godwin
Terri Rose Baynton
1942 Amsterdam Ave NY (212) 862-3680

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