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Zoo School

By Heath McKenzie

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

Heath McKenzie is a  Melbourne-based author and illustrator who specialises in stylised digital illustrations (aiming to make them look as non-digital as possible). He has written and or illustrated over 40 books. This one, Zoo School, first published in 2020 is a timely read for children returning to school after a holiday break.
Oscar and Ava arrive at school to find it has been taken over by animals. Their teacher is an elephant with a ‘long trunk, plus a pair of huge tusks and two big, flappy ears! and let’s not even mention the sizeable rear’. Told in rhyme the story continues with a gorilla sitting next to you in class and silent reading  interrupted by a zebra stampede. Animals are everywhere in this amusing and light-hearted take on a day at school.
The pictures are as zany as the text, with plenty of colour, action and over-the-top expressions.
Children will be delighted and probably wish that their school was also invaded by a zoo.
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