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Some Families Change

By Jess Galatola & Jenni Barrand

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

In the last several decades there have been many changes to what is accepted as a family. While the nuclear family of mum, dad and some kids is still popular, many other variations are now becoming more common. This book aims to explain to young children all the different ways in which families can change. People come and go for a variety of reasons, not all the members of a family live together, some are separated or start anew, and so on.
It touches briefly on a child’s possible feelings of confusion, worry and hurt when ‘daddy or mummy move away because they no longer get along’. The conclusion emphasises that there is always love no matter what changes have occurred.
The illustrations are sensitive, colourful and show many different types of families living and working  happily together.
A teacher or therapist may find this book useful when discussing families in all their varieties and parents also may find it helpful if there are changes happening at home in their own family.
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