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The Witches’ Council: Lily Halfmoon 2

By Xavier Bonet

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

This is the second in the Lily Halfmoon graphic novel series which is about the magical adventures of a young girl, Lily, and her friends. Lily is a secret witch who meets other magical people in a special room in her school library. It is Halloween and also Samhain, which is the most special time of the year for witches. There are ‘dances, activities and lights everywhere’, and their town is hosting. As Lily and her friends get ready to celebrate it is obvious that a mysterious figure is creating problems. Together with her friends and her little sister Zoe, Lily, uses her magic powers to solve the mystery and save the day.
As she is a witch who ‘advocates for the good of all’ and ‘cares about people’, so themes of caring, friendship and resilience are laced throughout the narrative. Occasionally Bonet inserts pages of more detailed information about his created world. such as the witches’ lunar calendar, the wheel of the year, a glossary of magical creatures and myths and legends about dragons and kelpies. There is also an appendix about corrupted gems.which explains the role of gemstones in relation to a witch’s powers.
Bonet’s illustrations are notable for their use of colours which are soft, enticing and attractive. His line is crisp and assured. This is complex little story which will be enjoyed by those who love magic, witches and powerful gemstones.
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