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Listen Hippo!

Written and illustrated by Gabriel Evans

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

Gabriel Evans is a Western Australian children’s book author and illustrator who works primarily in watercolour and pencil. His books include Blue Flower by Sonya Hartnett, shortlisted for the CBCA Picture Book of the Year in 2022. and A Friend for George,  2023.
When Billy is feeling sad, he wishes he had someone to talk to. He thinks what he needs is someone to listen . . . but his best friend, Hippo, believes he knows exactly what Billy needs! Playing dress-ups will cheer Billy up, and dancing in the cherry blossoms, or maybe a pirate adventure? No? Then how about a magic carpet race? What fun!
Hippo just wants to put a smile on Billy’s face, but it’s only when he finally listens to what Billy wants that he can help his friend.
Gloriously illustrated, often just using black, white and yellow this gentle story is both funny and heartwarming. Hippo is an idiot but so well meaning and inventive that when he does get out the fluffy bed quilt, make two hot chocolates and sit down on the couch to finally listen it is the perfect ending.
A lesson for everyone on how to be a good friend.
Gabriel Evans
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