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The Very Polite Knight

By Ian Smith

Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

This is a charming picture book for children aged 3+. I hope they are not put off by the title, since they may expect a boring story about the value of being well- mannered.
The king has four knights – Boris the fierce knight, Ethel the tough knight, Walter the sneaky knight and Finn, the polite knight. While the other knights stomp around making lots of noise, grabbing what they want, Finn makes his own sandwiches, and his favourite hobbies are reading and gardening.
One day the king falls ill and only a magic flower from the Dark Wood can cure him. Boris, Ethel and Walter all try and fail to cross the bridge of Doom, climb the Mighty Mountains or to reach the three headed hydra who guards the magic flower, but somehow Finn manages all of it.
This story is a lot of fun helped along by the colourful action-packed illustrations. Young children will enjoy the contrast between Finn and the other knights and, yes, there is a message about being polite but it is gently delivered.
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