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Code Name Bananas

By David Walliams

Illustrated by Tony Ross

Reviewed by Junior Reviewer Leonard Cavallaro

David Walliam’s latest children’s book, Code Name Bananas is a heart-warming tale of overcoming grief, parental death, living in war and animal kindness. David Walliam’s history as an actor, writer and comedian is evident in the way the story is told. From funny jokes to thrilling suspense the author has kept the reader in a constant state of excitement and joy.

11-year-old Eric lives in 1940 London where each night brings more of the deadly destruction caused by the Nazi bombers. With London Zoo becoming unsafe, Eric and Uncle Sid attempt to rescue their gorilla friend Gertrude from certain death. Now forced onto the run they must protect and disguise their hunted gorilla ally.

Along their dangerous and exciting journey, they discover a sinister Nazi plot which would destroy all of England’s defence and power in one foul swoop. Where to go? Who to trust? As increasingly thrilling characters and events are introduced the reader is taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Posh zoo directors, freaky vets, terrible twins and playful animals – all this and more feature in this fast-paced tale. The reader will find themselves marvelling at the various creatures that appear in the novel and relating in some form to the grief felt by Eric.

Readers as young as 8 will enjoy this novel. It is a humorous and exciting tale of friendship and caring. All in all, Code Name Bananas is a thoroughly enjoyable story and I look forward to future tales by David Walliams.

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