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Ruby and Graham

By Lucy Barnard 

Reviewed by Jillian Custance

Lucy Barnard is the author and illustrator of a number of children’s picture books, including Squirrel’s Busy Day, and I’m Bigger Than You.

Ruby and Graham is the story of two friends with differing personalities and strengths – Ruby who enjoys having fun and Graham who enjoys organising and keeping things safe.  When Graham decides he wants to be more like Ruby things start to get messy in Acorn Wood.

Lucy’s bright illustrations easily draw a child into the story.  The simple details in each of the illustrations allow the reader to explore the other woodland friends and activities within the story.

This is an appealing story with a simple message that everyone is different, but valuable in their own way.

In its simplicity Ruby and Graham would be ideal as a read-aloud book or a bedtime story.

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