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Plagues & Pandemics Reading List

Plagues and pandemics are much discussed both at home and at school. Unfortunately there is nothing new in the situation the world is in now. Here is a list of titles about different plagues and pandemics that teachers, parents and children will find interesting reading.
Plagues & Pandemics Fiction.
Here’s a sample entry:
The Ratcatcher’s Daughter by Pamela Rushby, 2014
It’s 1900. Thirteen-year-old Issy McKelvie leaves school and starts her first job, very reluctantly, as a maid in an undertaking establishment. She thinks this is about as low as you can go. But there’s worse to come. Issy becomes an unwilling ratcatcher when the plague, the Black Death, arrives in Brisbane Australia. Issy loathes both rats and her father’s four yappy, snappy, hyperactive rat-killing terriers. But when her father becomes ill it’s up to Issy to join the battle to rid the city of the plague-carrying rats. Teacher’s Guide
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