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StoryLinks Best Children’s Books of 2021

The StoryLinks readers and reviewers have had a lot of fun choosing, arguing, proposing and discarding from all the wonderful books published this year.
Here is our list arranged in alphabetical order by title. The suggested age range is always approximate as a book’s reading level will depend on the tastes, experience and abilities of the reader.
As Jackie French says ‘there’s no such thing as as a child who doesn’t read, they just haven’t found the right book’. When a child does find that ‘right book’ something special happens.
Here is  one or our reviewers  describing her son’s reading experience: ‘The special thing about this for me is that this is  the first book he has read beginning-to-end, all by himself. He adores books, but learning to read hasn’t been easy for him. He spends hours listening to audio stories that are well ahead of his reading level, and poring over the artwork in graphic novels while only reading some of the words. Anyway, I read this entire book myself late last night and thought he would love it, and that it would be fast-paced and wacky enough to keep him reading. So I told him about it, making sure to mention a few of the words I thought he might have trouble with in the early pages . Well, he read the whole thing this morning without stopping! He is so excited to have read an entire book all by himself.’
This experience reinforces so many things, the right book for the right child, the power of being read to, the encouragement and support of an engaged adult, and the satisfaction that reading brings.
We hope that this list contains books that will bring you and your children the same joy and satisfaction.

Best Books of 2021

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