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Sherlock Bones: and the Art and Science Alliance

Written and illustrated by Renee Treml
Reviewed by Sarah Custance
The Art and Science Alliance is the 3rd book in the Sherlock Bones graphic novel series by Renee Treml, an American author/illustrator who now lives in Victoria.
Meet Sherlock Bones (a tawny frogmouth skeleton), Watts (a stuffed parrot), and Grace (a raccoon living in the museum) as they try to unravel the mystery surrounding a  painting haunted by a ghost who is destroying the new Art and Science Alliance exhibit. As the trio set out to investigate, they come across old frenemies, albino possums, strange clues, odd noises, and almost get turned into new exhibit pieces themselves!
As they wander about the new beautiful and macabre exhibit, the line between fact and fiction begins to blur as their investigation leads them down unexpected paths full of twists, turns, and red herrings. Will they be able to solve the mystery before the new exhibit either moves or ends up destroyed or will this be a case that even the magnificent sleuth Sherlock Bones cannot crack?
The Sherlock Bones series is a super fun and easy introduction to graphic novels for a younger audience. The expressive black and white illustrations and weird and wonderful writing will hold the attention of any young reader as they try to piece together the clues to  work out the mysteries before Sherlock Bones can. In The Art and Science Alliance we  meet old friends and enemies from the last two books, but you can easily  read this as a standalone book. For those that have been reading the books in order, it’s fun to be reunited with certain characters and to see the museum from different perspectives.
Renee Treml has managed to keep up the quirky fun throughout these books and I dare say we have not seen the last of Sherlock Bones!
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