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Art is Everywhere

By Eleanor Chan
Illustrated by Olivia Bargman
Reviewed by Margarite Igras 
Ellie Chan is an art historian and together with Liv Bargman’s simple, comic, drawings, they have created a book about art, that is fun and accessible to children.  The book takes the reader on a tour of galleries full of well known art pieces and ends on a beach, with children creating their own art in the sand.
We all know that famous pieces of art can be found in galleries all over the world. People crowd to see these works. But, according to the ostrich tour guide Keith, Art is everywhere and for everyone to enjoy.  By understanding what art is, why it is created and getting to know some of the tools used, we can find and appreciate art in streets, the classroom, the beach, and at home.
So, come on a tour with Keith and his assistant, Marmaduke the cat, and learn about art styles such as impressionism, abstract, and surrealism; the importance of colour such as blue, a fierce warrior colour, and yellow associated with good fortune and the materials used to create art, from canvas to clay, yarn, sand, and even the computer.
The illustrations are guaranteed to appeal, with the combination of coloured digital illustrations of well-known art pieces and the animated characters and scenes illustrated in crayons, watercolour, felt pens, and pencils. The text is made accessible with a variety of fonts, with large headings and introductory paragraphs that are certain to catch the eye of the reader.
There is a useful glossary at the end of the book, with details of the paintings and sculptures included in the book.
A stimulating and instructive  book for 7- to 10-year-olds, reinforcing the message that art is in the eye of the beholder. And let’s not forget that it is also fun,  a point delightfully illustrated on the double page at the end showing children working together to create an octopus in the sand.
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