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Can You Get Rainbows in Space?

By Dr Sheila Kanani
Illustrated by Liz Kay
Reviewed by Mia Macrossan
This colourful compendium of questions and answers about colour is sure to spark the interest of any child with an enquiring mind. Dr Sheila Kanani is a planetary physicist, science presenter, secondary school physics teacher,  and published author, with a background in astrophysics and astronomy research from UK universities.
Liz Kay is a West Yorkshire based illustrator who has worked for many children’s publishers. I think she had a lot of fun here working with all the colours. Bright, cheerful and engaging as well as informative are the hallmarks for this book.
The book is arranged in chapters in the enticing colours of the rainbow starting with red through to indigo and violet and even beyond. The introduction explains what colour is –  light and waves and how we see colour. Each subsequent chapter concentrates on a particular colour so you can easily pick whatever colour sparks your fancy.
The red chapter reveals why blood is red, why Mars is called the red planet and so on. Did you know that humans can see more shades of green than any other colour? Flamingos are pink because they eat pink food. As it says in the book you are what you eat. One final fascinating fact for you from a  book that is overflowing with them:  overripe bananas glow indigo under ultraviolet light so maybe you should get one to check the  state of your bananas?
Why does space look black and can you get rainbows in space? You will have to read this book to find out. Full of entertaining and memorable well – explained facts presented in well designed pages –  loads of fun for children who like to know about their  world.
Career Case Study: Dr Sheila Kanani  is an inspiring interview with the author which many students would find fascinating.
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