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Anzac Ted

Written and illustrated by Belinda Landsberry.

Reviewed by Margarite Igras

This is her debut picture book published in 2014, which has been re-issued in hardback to celebrate its 10th anniversary containing additional information About the ANZACS as well as an activity page for children to enjoy. The author has drawn on her talents as a former primary school teacher and graphic designer to create this poignant story about an ordinary teddy who has a great story to share.
The story of Anzac Teddy is told by a young boy. He inherited the teddy and the Anzac story from his grandpa Jack. These days, Anzac Ted is scary, He’s missing bits, his tummy splits, he only has one eye. And when the boy takes him to school, He frightens all the children, making Show ‘n’ Tell a mess. But years ago, a loved teddy was packed in the suitcase and went to war alongside Jack, where he served as a mascot, giving soldiers, peace, and comfort and the hope to return home safely.
Bright watercolour illustrations fill the pages, with a change to sepia pages that harp back to the olden days when Ted’s story is told. The simple rhyming text, is beautiful to read and the cover illustration begs the question – Why is a bedraggled and damaged teddy dressed in fatigues, saluting a haunting line of silhouette soldiers on the march?  The end pages are cleverly used with a scattering of items in a soldier’s kit – the shovel, boots, sunrise badge, and slouch hat.
This sensitively crafted book serves as an introduction to the Anzac story for children aged 4 – 8, one which is sure to even touch the heart of adults.
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