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Junior Reviewers Wanted

StoryLinks is looking for new young reviewers.

If you are a keen and discerning reader, enjoy talking about books and would like to have your views published then copy and paste the form below onto a word document. Fill it in and send it to us
If it is suitable we will publish it along with our regular reviews. We don’t mind how old or young you are or what the book is, what we want to do is share your enjoyment of books and reading, so start writing!

(Teachers feel free to share this with your class, and your writing and reading groups)

Review questions for Junior Reviewers 
  1. Title of book
  2. Author/Illustrator 
  1. Who is your favourite character? Describe them and tell us why you like them. 
  1. What was the most interesting/exciting/suspenseful moment in the story? 
  1. Did this story make you laugh/cry/ throw it across the room? 
  1. Would you have changed anything in the story and why?
  2.  To whom would you recommend this book? 
  1. Optional Is there anything else you want to say about this book? For example, did you like the illustrations? 
  1. How many stars out of five? 
One Star Two Stars Three Stars Four Stars Five Stars
Didn’t finish it. Ok but not for me. I enjoyed this. A great book. Would recommend this.


The best book I have ever read!

Thank you for being a StoryLinks Junior Reviewer



Happy Reading

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