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Fearless With Dad

By Cori Brooke
Illustrated by Giuseppe Poli
Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

This carefully observed picture book shows the many ways in which young boy and his Dad interact all day every day.  Because Dad is always there, supporting and encouraging, the boy has no fear as he plays and explores – surfing, building a dam across a creek, riding a flying fox.  Dad also expands the boy’s universe by introducing his son to try other things such as  planting seeds, building a cubby house, cooking or fixing the car. They also chill out together being  superheroes, or just being silly or playing it cool.

This is a simple idea well executed and enjoyable to read. The illustrations do a good job of extending the few words on each page. There isn’t really a story here as it is more a show and tell of all the positive ways that a boy can interact with his dad.

A lovely celebration of how a father and son enrich each other’s lives.

New Frontier Publishing 2016

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