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It’s a Wonderful World

How to Protect the Planet and Change the Future

Written by Jess French
Illustrated by Aleesha  Nandhra
Reviewed by Margarite Igras
This informative and practical book describes how each person has the potential to make informed choices that will make a difference to our planet, both today and in the future.
Jess French invites the reader to come on a journey to learn about the mistakes we have made to our flora, fauna, atmosphere, and waterways, to be amazed and inspired by our earth and offers simple ways to enable the earth and its inhabitants to recover.
Each double page outlines an earth wonder, with colourful photos, diagrams, and maps.   Wonders such as grasses, seed dispersal, soil, coral reefs, wetlands, as well as urban animals, ice sheets, evolution and more. There are interesting facts such as on 29th July 2002, humans used up more resources than the Earth could regenerate in that year and also, busting the myth that sea levels increase when sea ice melts. Each double page also has “the bad” and “the good” with useful choices to make a difference.
There  eye-catching text ranges from the large headings to the bold first sentences, subheadings, and speech bubbles and supports the many photos, maps, and diagrams.
This very visual book  will appeal to a range of reading levels. There is a well listed contents page, as well as a useful glossary and index.
This book promotes a positive outlook. It is aimed at the individual and what they can do to make a difference.
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