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The ABC Kids Guide to Loving the Planet

Written by Jaclyn Crupi
Illustrated by Cheryl Orsini
Reviewed by Margarite Igras
This delightful and informative picture book is aimed at young children and packed with ideas and activities on how to care for our planet. The book is child focused with adult supervision required to engage with the text, the activities, and the many ideas suggested.
There is no doubt that the nature presented in the book is Australian, with wattles, lorikeets, wombats, gumnuts, koalas, and the many activities are simple and gentle. Children are encouraged to be involved with a range of ideas, from using less energy, avoiding plastic, propagating plants and recycling waste responsibly, to saving water, being involved in Clean Up Australia Day, and writing letters to politicians, all requiring the guidance and involvement of caring adults.
The illustrations are colourful and friendly with smiling adults, children, and even animals. Each double page focuses on an aspect, such as growing your own food, attracting bees and birds, saving energy, and includes many simple ideas and activities for children to do, from drawing a map, to making seed balls, and fruity icy poles. The activities presented are inviting, varied, and engaging.
The small grouped text is uninviting and I suggest, requires adult assistance, though the illustrations are self-explanatory.  Together they get the message across and even encourage further discussion.
This is a useful book for adults and children encouraging them to work together caring for our planet.
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