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How to Hatch a Dragon

Written and illustrated by Nick Bland
Reviewed by Mia Macrossan
Nick Bland is the creator of the popular series that started with The Very Cranky Bear  and includes The Very Itchy Bear. How to Hatch a Dragon is the first in a new series that I am sure will be very popular.
Bunny buys Bird a ‘thank you for being my best friend’ present – a dragon egg. Since neither of them know anything about hatching a dragon egg they plonk the egg in a little nest on top of a rock behind them and start to read the instruction booklet very carefully.  It says that a blue dragon is a fantastic pet but a yellow dragon is a lot more challenging.
Totally unnoticed by Bunny and Bird (as they are reading the instruction booklet so very carefully)’  a yellow dragon hatches behind them, grows to an enormous size, eats lots of wood, sets fire to leaves, lays an egg in the little nest and flies away. ‘I’m sorry Bird’, says Bunny, ‘this is a terrible present, I will get you a goldfish instead’, but the second egg has hatched, and guess what colour it is?
This entertaining picture book will have young readers in stitches as the yellow dragon creates mayhem while the two oblivious friends are totally engrossed in their reading. It is one of those clever stories where all the action is in the pictures while the text is heading in a different direction. The impulse to shout ‘Look behind you!’ is impossible to resist.  Great fun to share with children aged 3+ and I am already looking forward to the next Bunny and Bird adventure.

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