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Pirate Stew

by Neil Gaiman

illustrated by Chris Riddell

reviewed by Mia Macrossan

Pirate Stew is a colourful over the top piratical caper produced by the award winning team of Gaiman and Riddell who have so many other hits to their name. This will be no exception.

Two children are left alone to be minded by Long John McRon, a Ship’s Cook, a person with a peg leg, a giant beard, and a hook where his left hand should be. There’s a ring at the door and in comes a motley pirate crew and the fun begins.

Told in rhyme this is, as Neil Gaiman says, ‘perfect for young and old, for anyone any age who likes pirates, cooking, swashbuckling and doughnuts, and who wants a fun book to share and read aloud.

Perfectly complemented by Riddell’s exuberant detailed illustrations that jump off the page.

Guaranteed to appeal to everyone.

Age 4+ if read to, older for independent reading, there’s quite a bit of text.

Neil Gaiman reading Pirate Stew

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