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An Unexpected Hero: Pow Pow Pig 1

By Anh Do
Illustrated by Peter Cheong
Reviewed by Mia Macrossan

Anh Do has written many books for young people, all of them wildly popular. They are usually heavily illustrated, simply written with an easily accessible story and a message that appeals to children today. His latest  features a young animal, Piccolo known as Pow Pow Pig.

It is set in 2050 when the rich animals are richer, the poor poorer and there are wars raging all over the world. That is why Piccolo joins CHOC, Creatures Helping Other Creatures – nothing to do with chocolate!

Unfortunately at CHOC  he doesn’t make the A team or any team near the beginning of the alphabet, he and his mates, Danielle Duck, Chelsea Chicken and Barry the Goat are in the Z team, responsible for the menial and unexciting job of cleaning headquarters.

But when disaster strikes they are the only ones on the spot and it is up to them to go back in  time, using the handy time machine and save the world.

This very silly story will appeal to the very young as it touches on many familiar fears and hopes, is full of terrible jokes and has an improbable cliffhanger ending, guaranteed to make you want to read the next in the series.

It is profusely illustrated in comic book style by Peter Cheong and even has coloured stickers at the back.

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