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My Favourite Teachers

Written by Robin Feiner 
Illustrated by Beck Feiner
Reviewed by Margarite Igras
Teachers are not only found in schools. They are all around us – in the community, the family, sports coaches, neighbours and even volunteers. This book shines a light on the broader meaning of being a teacher, those special people who with their knowledge and encouragement, have made a difference.
The eleven children who feature in this book, are celebrating their favourite “teacher” with stickers, stars, and awards.  Coco’s favourite teacher is Ms Stolz the librarian, who has opened a world of marine biology, cubism, and Australian Prime ministers. But she also loves the planting and composting her neighbours Russell and Geoff have taught her. Goldie loves Ms Patel’s ethics class, but she has also learned so much from her uncle Ron, a bush rescue volunteer. He showed her how to care for animals hurt during bushfires. Lior really likes his art teacher Mr Collins, but his other favourite teacher is his gran who takes him to galleries and teachers him new painting styles.
The text is bold in black or white font. Each double page focusses on one child’s favourite teacher – the schoolteacher on the left side and the other teacher on the right. The illustrations are bright, with mainly primary colours, that cover the whole page. The figures may be stylised, but each page has detail that supports the text.  The final page is an invitation to take the book further. It asks, “Who are your favourite teachers?”
There is a warning to First Nation Peoples that the book contains names and image of people who have died.
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