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The Secret Science Society In Space

By Kathy Hoopmann & Josie Montano
Illustrated by Ann-Marie Finn
Reviewed by Margarite Igras
This is a follow-up book to The Secret Science Society’s Spectacular Experiment based around four very different children forced to work together in a science club. Kathy is renowned for her photo illustrated books All Cats are on the Autism Spectrum, All Dogs Have ADHD and All Birds Have Anxiety.
There is an upcoming Science Expo and The Secret Science Society must decide on their presentation. Their nemesis from another school, the Aragon Knights were the winners of last years’ Expo. Zane’s disastrous idea to make fire burn underwater using sparklers, makes a mess of the school lab. The four are about to be banned from the Expo, when a kind and understanding staff member, Mrs Mythos saves the day.
They must visit the Space Exhibition at Planet World, in their own time and come up with a science presentation. Mayhem follows, as the four enter out of bounds areas and try on display items. However,  when they learn about Laika the Soviet dog that was sent to space but never came back, they all agree on their Expo project – a spaceship that could bring animals home safely.
There are 11 drawings and two tables in this 101p chapter book. The simple line cartoon drawings are expressive and add depth to the story. The font is large though as an adult reader I felt distracted by pages with a narrow amount of white around the edges of the text.
A fun and informative book about space facts together with an appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of these diverse, yet likeable individuals.  I am sure, the younger readers in grades one to four will enjoy this story, as I did.
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