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The Marvellers (The Conjureverse, #1)

By Dhonielle Clayton

Reviewed by Bryani-Rose

The novel, The Marvellers, written by Dhonielle Clayton is a captivating and magical tale that transports readers into a world of wonder.
The story follows 11-year-old Ella, who is a young Conjurer and the first ever to attend the Arcanum Training Institute where she can learn to be a Marveller. However, being the first Conjurer to arrive at the prestigious school comes with challenges. Many of her peers mistrust her as they deem her magic “unnatural”. Regardless, Ella is determined to fit in and forms an unlikely friendship with fellow misfits Brigit and Jason. The plot takes an intriguing turn as on the other side of the city a dangerous criminal escapes, and even worse, Ella’s favourite teacher vanishes without a trace. As tensions in the marvelling world rises, Ella finds herself under suspicion and rumour.
Dhonielle Clayton’s storytelling weaves an enchanting tapestry of friendship, magic and mystery. All the characters are beautifully written and Ella’s growth throughout the story is both relatable and inspiring. The novel explores the important themes of diversity and acceptance making it a relevant and inspiring read. With its enchanting setting and compelling storyline, the book The Marvellers is a must-read, suitable for children 8-12 years.
HarperCollins 2022
Bryani-Rose is a StoryLinks Junior Reviewer
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